And I Wonder…

Observant by nature… I truly tend to think about those problems that plague our society and question our existence. My thoughts later transform into discussions with my friends and so the discussing begins…My friends and I are always strategizing about our plans to make this world a better place… so cliche’ but true. Day after day I read, hear, and/ or see things that make me wonder when did our society come to THIS. THIS being sexting, abuse, apathetic children, broken families, uneducated children, misguided parents, and this list could go on…but I mustn’t linger. Needless to say, our society is problem-plagued so what do we do? How do we revert back to the “it takes a village” mentality when the village doesn’t exist? How do we shelter our young people from violence and instill great morals and values if our society doesn’t exemplify them? So where do we go from here? Do we walk away… or do we keep on trying?? (I relate most things to music…). I still dream of a world that seeks peace, cultivates youth, and embraces families…(dreaming big) *Sigh… I wonder if I’ll ever find my dreams*


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