The (Lost) Souls of Black Girls… Part 1

So my friends and I watched this documentary entitled “The Souls of Black Girls”. We were all thoroughly intrigued by the title… and those who had participated in the documentary, so we watched. Well, needless to say, this DVD sparked a very healthy discussion between the masses.

One major issue tackled (or at least touched upon) was the self-image of black girls. Well considering I mentor, I thought this to be a pretty amazing topic. Some of the young ladies in the video noted that they did not feel as if they were as beautiful as their white classmates and they also had body image issues. They did note that these issues were primarily due to images they see in the media… So my first train of thought was: why have we allowed the media to define who we (women of color) have become? There is not a definite answer to this question, it just notifies us that there is still a LOT of work to be done to help our young girls…

In addition, Michaela Angela Harris made a strong argument when she stated that black girls have not been given an identity, so they do not know who they truly are… this is so sad, yet true. I often reflect about my lessons on self-image and who taught them to me. Well the phrase “experience is a good teacher” would have to relate to my self-image studies because my teachers were my mother and grandmother. However, such is not the case today. There are many young girls who do not have great mothers or positive women in their lives to direct them or even discuss self-image with them. So how do we reverse a trend that has started to break down the core of future generations??

Needless to say the issues of a lack of men in the households came up in discussion so that dead horse continues to be beaten…

*SIGH… so many problems, so few answers. What are we to do? I guess this “Unanswered Question” will linger on from day to day…


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