The MENTOR in the mirror

So anyone who knows me knows I LOVE mentoring… I don’t know when the love began but its one of those things that took on a life of its own. It brings about such joy and validation to my existence. I know God has given me the gift of relating to others in this way. I can be mom, big sister, teacher, friend, and everything else!

I found out a few days ago that one of my mentees is moving to California *tears*. She’s such a joy and I’ve watched her grow into a wonderful young lady… but on the other hand… you know how I loves me some Cali – so I’m on the next flight to visit :~). But it really makes me wonder what will happen to her once she moves. Will the lessons I’ve taught her and the examples I’ve shown be enough to keep her grounded in the land of “faux-lebrities” and “vanity” or will she become someone new???

On the other hand… one of my mentees is right here in Atlanta and I worry about her daily. I’ve known her for six years and can definitely take credit for the person she has become. However, so much goes wrong in her life that it impedes her growth and progression so what’s a mentor to do? Because at the end of the day the words of encouragement become monotonous and cliche’.

I’ll figure it out soon… until then, I’ll be working on my book with NadaJo in hopes of bringing out the mentor in us all…



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2 responses to “The MENTOR in the mirror

  1. Rashid Armstrong

    Love it! Can’t wait to read the book. It’s a beautiful thing to know that you are fulfilling your purpose in life.

  2. mentoring is the best! i think the hardest part about mentoring is what you said.. when your mentee has stuff going on that you can’t fix. but you have to let folks make their own mistakes.. cause I know I’ve made a fair share of my own and never would have listened to someone telling me not to do the dumb ish I did!

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