My Name is Victory…

So today I almost had a meltdown…. I’m so discontent with a lot of things and I allowed the devil to infiltrate my thoughts. I’m still fighting the battle of the bulge and as of right now the bulge has me down but I’m not out (I just got back up!). I feel like I have sooo much on my plate but I can’t seem to get into a good rhythm and it bothers me. This isn’t normal. I’m usually able to be superwoman – save the world’s problems and minimize my own… Not this time. But oh there was a silver lining to this incumbent dark cloud… last night a DJ (in this case iTunes) saved my life. Sooo Jonathan Nelson has this song “My Name is Victory”… My favorite part is “I know who I am, God wrote it in HIS plan, for me.” So once I reminded myself of this, I was able to proceed with my day. I know that this self-doubt will be replaced with self-love… so move outta my way self-doubt!! Shall I proceed?! —- YES INDEED!


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