Lost on the Road…

Wow… so this week has been interesting to say the least. I was chatting with a friend and she asked me “are you at one of those sucky crossroads of life?” and to my surprise I answered “ABSOLUTELY”! I’m in a place where not much excites me, especially career or educationally and I just feel like I’m lost. I had my time to find myself, but during that moment I was so determined not to be a “single, black female addicted to retail” that I didn’t find myself. Instead, I let others’ dreams for me define me. So here I am 6 years later wondering where to go from here. Do I stay (for security purposes), do I go into the unknown? Ay yi yi!! I have being praying and God definitely gave me the greenlight – so I know I have a destination, but where remains to be revealed. Until then, I’ll just keep praying and believing that God has something better…


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