So I’m a Frog…

Today I went to see one of the best movies I’ve seen in quite some time… “The Princess and the Frog”. Initially I just thought this was going to be your typical Disney movie but I was definitely wrong… This movie had so many underlying messages and themes that resonated to me as a person in that “in between” phase of life that I just felt compelled to share a few…

Lessons from “The Princess and the Frog”

1. Hard work actually does pay off – as trite as it sounds, that was one of the main points of the movie. Although the protagonist faces adversity and often becomes disheartened by disappointments, all of her hard work pays off in the end. So this reminds me not to grow wary in my well doing for in the end I shall reap if I faint not… I’ve gotta keep pressing on

2. See the trees AND the forest – we often hear of someone missing the forest for the trees or vice versa but this movie lets us know that we need to recognize both. Don’t be so busy working and doing that you forget to just live and be. In this blackberry driven society, it is very easy to be so consumed with everything but yourself and your own contentment. This spoke to me because I am definitely a member of the crackberry club, so my goal for 2010 is just to simply live and stop looking for ways to be busy and avoid my own happiness.

3. Appreciate the “in between” – basically appreciate being a frog… and so this is where a dear friend and I had our major epiphany! We’re FROGS! There were many people who had a major problem with the fact that Tiana remains a frog throughout most of the movie, however, I see a bigger picture… Her being a frog is actually her going through a process… As a frog she learns many valuable lessons, many of which help to shape her future. So what I’ve learned from this is that I need to just learn… instead of complaining and hoping and wishing, I just need to learn. God is definitely trying to show me something so now I need to open my mind and learn.

4. Expect the unexpected – no this is not a new lesson but it definitely is one that hit home in the movie… Tiana’s life changes in so many ways but it all comes together in ways she could not begin to imagine in the end… so instead of planning, I’m just going to let God work HIS plan and expect the unexpected

All of this from a movie, especially a Disney movie, you may say; but these lessons could not have come at a better time for me. As I prepare to enter 2010… I’m convinced that this year has great things in store and I just need to remember that although I’m a frog right now… I’m emerging into a princess


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  1. I love this post. I totally agree. I had a great time seeing Princess and the Frog with my BabyGirl this afternoon. 1. she is so cute and so sweet and makes me wonder why i dont spend more time with 4 year olds… bossy and nutty but super polite and precious.

    2. What I loved about The Princess and the Frog was that being the frog really was an awakening for Tiana. She was on her way.. rightfully so… working hard and her life was, what most people would call, okay. But she really needed to go out of her comfort zone to “Dig a Little Deeper” and see what life could offer her, and how what was possible was much greater than she thought it could be… This year I am really striving to go outside of my comfort zone.. try things I’m convinced I won’t like.. do things I might not otherwise do.. face fears.. go out on a limb cause I can’t lose trying something new!!

    I love the ideas that dreams come true, and I think that right now I am working hard and trying to figure out what is next for me and in my life, I can see exactly what you said.. that the hard work will not go unrewarded.. cause it takes more than “when you wish upon a star…” to quote a not so poignant Disney Princess flick LOL .

    And I agree about disconnecting sometimes. In this world of ringtones and vibrating alerts to tell you not only the 1000 things you need to do, or attend to.. you also get a notification about what everyone else is doing or must do.. and it steals moments where our minds can wander and we can stimulate our own thoughts. Those magical organic thoughts that lead to bigger and better things and that really shine a spotlight on our happiness… sooo I am so with you on that… cause when I have taken the moments, hours, sometimes days to disconnect.. i have found myself most content… most happy and most relaxed… especially when its spent with the people who mean the most to me!!!

    And enjoy your time as a frog.. because as a quail you’ve been flying so high working to soar.. maybe a moment on the ground is just what you need to gain some perspective!

    Happy Holidays Merry Christmas. YAY!

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