29 Practices for 29

So in three days I’ll be 29; initially I decided to bring it in with little fanfare but I am definitely feeling some kinda way about that now. Oh well, you live and you learn. That being said, what will make 29 better than 28? I’m sure my life experiences will definitely have something to do with that, but this year I’m going to have to change some things starting with the woman in the mirror. I’m definitely going to start saying NO! No has never been in my vocabulary, yet other people make me secondary while I’m going to the ends of the earth so yes – saying no is #1. I’m going to do more for me: Unplug some days – just take a few days to disconnect from the world. Sometimes I just need my space ya know. I’m going to venture out into the unknown – hey what’s life if you’re not living – so look out dance or tennis classes – here I come!!! I’m going to take better care of my temple. It’s the only one that God gave me so I better treat it right…. soooo I’m going to wean myself off the junk that I put into my body… so long, farewell. I’ve got to start spending more time with God; like more than I already do…. God and I have been having heavy convos lately and I need to see what’s really up?! I also wanna continue traveling. I feel like I didn’t go anywhere this year (of course NYC – my fave) but I mean really travel and go. I don’t know…. I’ve just been feeling some kind of way all day and needed to vent to a place where people wouldn’t ask me to explain my feelings because I can’t, nor do I want to. I’ll be cool. Still coming up with my 29 practices for 29… Gotta chronicle this journey to 30.

So until I finish my list, I’ll leave you with an old familiar classic ~ “Life. I wonder, will it take me under? I’on know”


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